Track Library
    Many wildlife species are secretive and difficult to observe in the wild.  Tracks and signs are often the most effective way to detect elusive species.  For the wildlife biologist, knowledge of tracks and signs is essential for many wildlife surveys.
    However, little has been published on animal tracks.  The goal of this track library is to create a venue for learning and sharing information.  This website contains the photographs of the tracks and signs of many species, but much information is still needed.  If you have any information to add to this site, please contact us by clicking on our names below.              
Created at the Los Amigos Research Station by:  
     Jonah Evans
     Ciel Evans
    NatureTracking    A site of animal track photos and resources for the United States.
    Guia de Rastros    A tracking guide to mammals of the Pantanal
    Rastros De Mamiferos Silvestres Brasileiros:    A guide to the wild mammals of Brazil